Non equilibrium thermodynamics: Jarzynski equality and relaxation protocols

Undergraduate Thesis in Physics, Universidad de los Andes (2019)

My work consisted in understanding various proofs of an equality relating nonequilibrium measurements of work done on a system while changing an external parameter, to free energy differences, which are related to equilibrium states Jarzynski equality). To verify this result I simulated various trajectories of a Brownian particle in a quadratic potential, whose dynamics was governed by a Langevin equation (modelling a particle in contact with a heat reservoir at a given temperature), while performing a change in the stiffness of the potential between two values, in finite time. This change was done both in a linear manner, and by a protocol called ESE (Engineered Swift Equilibration) that allowed the system to be in equilibrium with the reservoir at the end of the switching of the stiffness.

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