Statistical Physics

Statistical mechanics is the area of ​​physics that allows connecting different physical scales and understanding how the behavior at the microscopic level of a system influences its behavior at the macroscopic level. We study the macroscopic properties of matter from a statistical analysis of its micro-states. Statistical physics provides the foundations of thermodynamics.

The Statistical Physics Group at Universidad de los Andes is a team of experts dedicated to investigating complex physical systems, particularly Coulomb systems, with analytical and computational tools. Our research focuses on understanding the behavior of these systems at both equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium states, with a special interest in the emergence of new phenomena, such as like-charge attraction, and their underlying mechanisms. Our current projects include stochastic thermodynamics, which aims to understand the fundamental principles governing the behavior of small systems far from equilibrium. We are also investigating the statistical physics of out-of-equilibrium systems with long-range interactions, where we are developing theoretical models to describe the dynamics of complex systems.

The Statistical Physics Group is a dynamic and a passionate team that strives to advance the frontier of knowledge in statistical physics and its applications.

New event: intensive course “Nonequilibrium and active systems”, April 24th – May 3rd 2024.

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