Jesus David Rincón

Estudiante de Pregrado

About Me

Mechanical engineer, physicist and Msc in physics in physisc from the university of los andes interested in topics regarding academical and industrial computation, theoretical condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics. In my spare time, I work out and play guitar.

In my time in the statistical mechanics group I studied a bidimensional coulomb fluid model using the langevin equation to find the particle distribution in equilibrium, as well as studying the properties of the disk varying the interaction between the disk and the particles in the Dynamic state. In all simulation there was a change in the interaction parameters.


Grupo de Física Estadística

Departamento de Física

Edificio Ip

Carrera 1E # 18A-10

Bogotá, Colombia

Universidad de los Andes | Vigilada Mineducación
Reconocimiento como Universidad: Decreto 1297 del 30 de mayo de 1964.
Reconocimiento personería jurídica: Resolución 28 del 23 de febrero de 1949 Minjusticia.

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